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In Raft, Steam Achievements are unlockable features only in Steam. As the name suggests, they can be achieved by doing a certain type of activities varying from killing something, going into specific places, etc.

Information:[edit | edit source]

  • The following information is based on Raft Update 9.05
  • There are a total of 47 Achievements available for Raft.

Achievements for Raft
Icon Name Description
It's better without the salt.jpg It's better without the salt. Craft and place a simple purifier.
Dinnertime!.jpg Dinnertime! Craft and place a simple grill.
Aye Aye Captain!.jpg Aye Aye Captain! Place a sail and a stationary anchor on the same raft.
64px A More Complex Concoction! Cook a meal by following a recipe.
Bookworm!.jpg Bookworm! Research everything in the research table.
64px Large landmass ahoy! Discover a large island.
Hoarder!.jpg Hoarder! Have 20 storages on the same raft.
Farmer!.jpg Farmer! Have 20 cropplots on the same raft.
Teamplay!.jpg Teamplay! Team up with a friend in multiplayer.
Beginner survivor!.jpg Beginner survivor! Survive 1 day.
Intermediate survivor!.jpg Intermediate survivor! Survive 7 days.
Expert survivor!.jpg Expert survivor! Survive 30 days.
Master survivor!.jpg Master survivor! Survive 365 days.
Beginner Builder!.jpg Beginner Builder! Build 10 foundations.
Intermediate Builder!.jpg Intermediate Builder! Build 100 foundations.
Expert Builder!.jpg Expert Builder! Build 1000 foundations.
Beginner Gatherer!.jpg Beginner Gatherer! Hook 100 items.
Intermediate Gatherer!.jpg Intermediate Gatherer! Hook 500 items.
Expert Gatherer!.jpg Expert Gatherer! Hook 5000 items.
Beginner Painter!.jpg Beginner Painter! Paint 50 blocks.
Intermediate Painter!.jpg Intermediate Painter! Paint 200 blocks.
Expert Painter!.jpg Expert Painter! Paint 1000 blocks.
64px Beginner Wrangler! Capture an animal.
64px Intermediate Wrangler! Capture 10 animals.
64px Expert Wrangler! Capture 50 animals.
64px Some Look Different! Capture a rare animal.
Beginner Shark Hunter!.jpg Beginner Shark Hunter! Kill a shark.
Intermediate Shark Hunter!.jpg Intermediate Shark Hunter! Kill 10 sharks.
Expert Shark Hunter!.jpg Expert Shark Hunter! Kill 50 sharks.
Beginner Bird Hunter!.jpg Beginner Bird Hunter! Kill a bird.
Intermediate Bird Hunter!.jpg Intermediate Bird Hunter! Kill 10 birds.
Expert Bird Hunter!.jpg Expert Bird Hunter! Kill 50 birds.
64px Beginner Poison-Puffer Hunter! Kill a Poison-puffer.
64px Intermediate Poison-Puffer Hunter! Kill 10 Poison-puffers.
64px Expert Poison-Puffer Hunter! Kill 50 Poison-puffers.
64px Beginner Screecher Hunter! Kill a Screecher.
64px Intermediate Screecher Hunter! Kill 10 Screechers.
64px Expert Screecher Hunter! Kill 50 Screechers.
64px Beginner Warthog Hunter! Kill a Warthog.
64px Intermediate Warthog Hunter! Kill 10 Warthogs.
64px Expert Warthog Hunter! Kill 50 Warthogs.
Is there a Utopia.jpg Is there a Utopia? Hidden achievement
This goes here!.jpg This goes here! Hidden achievement
Exploring the depths!.jpg Exploring the depths! Hidden achievement
64px Not a great landing! Hidden achievement
An Ocean Cemetary!.jpg An Ocean Cemetary! Hidden achievement
64px O Captain! My Captain!? Hidden achievement