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There are different types of Animals in Raft. They can be either a Threat or be potential Livestock once caught and tamed.

Hostile[edit | edit source]

Hostile Animals will attack the player on sight in most Game Modes (except Creative and Peaceful) most will deal damage to the player while others are just meant to annoy the player. The majority of hostile animals will drop their heads if defeated, which the player can then mount on a wall. They can be found in many places throughout the Raft journey.

Animal Description
Bear.png Bear The Bear is found on Evergreen Islands and Balboa Island.
Bee Swarm.png Bee Swarm Bee Swarms are found on Evergreen Islands and Balboa Island, and have to be caught with a Sweep Net.
Lurker Head.png Lurker Lurkers are found inside the Vasagatan Ship and Tangaroa.
Mama Bear.png Mama Bear Mama Bear is found on Balboa Island guarding a cave which contains the machete however she can be lured away with 5 wild berries.
White Screecher.png White Screecher White Screechers are found flying around Caravan Island trying to drop boulders on the players head.]]
Poison-Puffer.png Poison-Puffer Poison-Puffer fish can be found underwater around Large Islands.
Screecher.png Screecher Screechers can be found flying over Large Islands trying to drop boulders on the players head.
Seagull.png Seagull The two Seagulls fly around the Raft and will try to eat your potatoes and beats from the crop pot.
Shark.png Shark The Shark follows the raft under water and will occasionally attack parts of the raft itself.
Warthog.png Warthog Warthogs can be found on Large Islands.
Mudhog.png Mudhog Mudhogs are found on Caravan Island and Large Islands of the Desert Biome.

Livestock[edit | edit source]

Livestock Animals are non-hostile, but if not tamed, they will try to escape and run away when the player approaches it. They are found only on Large Islands. The player can use the Net Launcher to capture Livestock Animals. They have to be put on the Raft and fed with Grass Plots. Livestock Animals can not die of hunger, but won't produce resources if not fed.

Animal Description
Clucker.png Clucker The Clucker is a small bird which will lay Eggs.
Goat.png Goat The Goat provides Buckets of Milk.
Llama.png Llama The Llama provides Wool when sheared with the Shear.