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The Barrel is an Environmental object in Raft.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Barrel is one of the items that can be found floating the world of Raft. The Barrel can be looted and holds several resources. Each barrel contains between 4-6 items[1]. When the player picks up the Barrel, the game will decide how many items is picked up (4-6) and will then roll according to the table seen below.

There's an exception to the loot table in the form of Blueprint: Receiver and Blueprint: Antenna, which may also drop from the Barrel. These are dropped from the first Barrels looted after exceeding 15 minute playtime[1], having a 50/50 chance on which drops first[2].

Loot Table
Item Drop Chance
Plank 37.73%
Plastic 14.15%
Palm Leaf 18.87%
Scrap 9.43%
Rope 7.08%
Stone 6.13%
Raw Beet 3.30%
Raw Potato 3.30%
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