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Collection Net.png
Collection Net
Automatically catches items that float into it.

Collection Net is an Other item in Raft.

Summary[edit | edit source]

When placed on the raft, the Collection Net automatically catches items that float into it, regardless of orientation or placement. As with foundations, all sea-level blocks may be attacked by the Shark, so it is wise to not place the Collection Net on the outermost part of the raft. Alternatively, the player may place the Collection Net wherever and protect it with Foundation Armor. Do note that other foundations or nets cannot be placed besides a Collection Net if there are no other blocks to support it. However, once placed, the Collection Net will support other blocks and structures.

As of Update 6 the Collection Net has a maximum capacity of ten items. Previously there was no upper limit, which could cause performance drops.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Used to automatically gather ocean debris.
  • Functions similarly to a foundation piece, as players can walk on it and even place some items over it.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Collection Nets can be removed and relocated. This can be very useful early on if the raft changes direction, or if you want to quickly replace a more important Collection Net that was destroyed by the Shark.
  • Collection Nets are most effective when placed along the longest edge of your raft...not necessarily the "front" of it. Note that items will float under your raft and be caught in nets at the "back" of the raft, just as effectively as they are caught by nets in "front".
  • Leave a gap between Collection Nets. It collects across a wider area, and items rarely float in-between the nets without being caught.
  • If you drop anchor and plan to stay in one spot for long, remove all the Collection Nets and place them in Storage. There is almost nothing to collect while your raft is motionless; and the shark won't destroy your nets while you're not looking.