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Decorations[edit | edit source]

  • Calendar - Keep count days survived. Requires Nail X2 and Plank X2.
  • Chair - For sitting. Requires Plank X4 and Palm Leaf X3
  • Clock - Show the time. Requires Plank X8, Plastic X3, Scrap X4, Bolt X1
  • Lantern - Lights the raft at night. Requires Plank X6, Scrap X4
  • Lucky Cat - Can be found by fishing in the ocean
  • Paint Mill - Turns flowers into color. Requires Plank X6, Scrap X6, Rope X3, Stone X2
  • Rug - It decorate your Raft. Requires Palm Leaf X8, Rope X4
  • Shark Trophy - It decorate your Raft. Requires Nail X3, Plank X4, Shark Head X1
  • Shelf - To place things on it. Requires Plank X4, Plastic X2.
  • Sign - For write anything. Requires Nail X2, Plank X2
  • Table - To place things on it. Requies Plank X6, Plastic X4