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Decorations[edit | edit source]

Item Effect Required Materials
Paint Brush.png Paint Brush Turn your raft into a colorful home! 3x Feather.png , 4x Plank.png , 2x Rope.png
Paint Mill.png Paint Mill Used to turn flowers into color. Uses water energy to work. 6x Plank.png , 6x Scrap.png , 3x Rope.png , 2x Stone.png
Lantern.png Lantern Lights up the dark. 6x Plank.png , 4x Scrap.png
Clock.png Clock Shows the time. 8x Plank.png , 3x Plastic.png , 4x Scrap.png , 1x Bolt.png
Chair.png Chair Nice for sitting. Goes well with a table. 4x Plank.png , 3x Palm Leaf.png
Rug.png Rug Reduces splinters in your feet. 8x Palm Leaf.png , 4x Rope.png
Table.png Table A table to place things on... or under. Goes well with a chair. 6x Plank.png , 4x Plastic.png
Shelf.png Shelf A shelf to place things on. 4x Plank.png , 2x Plastic.png
Sign.png Sign You can write whatever you wish on this. 2x Nail.png , 2x Plank.png
Calendar.png Calendar Keep count on how many days you have survived. 2x Nail.png , 2x Plank.png
Small Trophy Board.png Small Trophy Board You can place your catch on this! 2x Plank.png , 2x Nail.png
Medium Trophy Board.png Medium Trophy Board You can place your catch on this! 4x Plank.png , 3x Nail.png
Large Trophy Board.png Large Trophy Board You can place your catch on this! 6x Plank.png , 3x Nail.png