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Food/Water[edit | edit source]

Item Description Required Materials
Empty Cup.png Empty Cup Can be filled with some water. 4x Plastic.png
Empty Bottle.png Empty Bottle Can be filed with lots of water. 6x Plastic.png, 4x Vine Goo.png
Clay Bowl.png Clay Bowl A very good bowl. 2x Clay.png
Bucket.png Bucket Simple but highly useful. Used to get Milk from Goats. 3x Plank.png, 1x Scrap.png, 1x Rope.png
Item Description Required Materials
Simple Grill.png Simple Grill Can cook a piece of food. Uses planks as fuel. 6x Plank.png, 3x Rope.png, 1x Scrap.png
Advanced Grill.png Advanced Grill Can cook several pieces of food at once. Uses planks as fuel. 6x Plank.png, 2x Metal Ingot.png, 2x Rope.png, 6x Nail.png
Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot Combines base food into amazing meals. 6x Plank.png, 6x Plastic.png, 2x Metal Ingot.png, 4x Vine Goo.png, 1x Bolt.png
Item Description Required Materials
Simple Purifier.png Simple Purifier Can purify one cup of saltwater into freshwater. Uses planks as fuel. 6x Plank.png, 6x Palm Leaf.png, 4x Plastic.png
Advanced Purifier.png Advanced Purifier You can use the Advanced Purifier to purify water without the need of planks. 8x Plank.png, 6x Plastic.png, 4x Glass.png
Crop Plots
Item Description Required Materials
Small Crop Plot.png Small Crop Plot Lets you grow plants. 6x Plank.png, 4x Rope.png
Medium Crop Plot.png Medium Crop Plot Lets you grow bigger plants. You are also able to plant anything that could be planted in the small plot. 8x Plank.png, 4x Scrap.png
Large Crop Plot.png Large Crop Plot Lets you grow trees. 10x Plank.png, 4x Rope.png, 6x Nail.png, 1x Hinge.png
Item Description Required Materials
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow Keeps seagulls away from your crop plots. 5x Plank.png, 3x Palm Leaf.png, 3x Nail.png, 3x Plastic.png