Fresh Water

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Fresh Water
Fresh Water is very important in the ocean.
Food & Water

Fresh Water is a Food & Water item in Raft. Drinking the water will replenish part of your thirst. Fresh Water is also used to water plants in Crop Plots.

In Easy difficulty, if you drink fresh water obtain 40-80%.

In Normal and Hard difficulty, if you drink fresh water obtain 15-50%

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Used to drink fresh water.
  • Used to water plants in crop plots.
  • Used to water the Grass Plot.
  • If you click RMB, also salt water, the water is drop from cup/bottle.
  • The Fresh Water can be obtain when you put planks in Simple Purifier or place the Advanced Purifier to sunlight for purify water. The Advanced Purifier provide you 5 cups/1 bottle, and simple purifier 1 cup/one fifth of bottle