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Good Healing Salve
Soothes and restores your wounds.
Egg 2
Food & Water

Good Healing Salve is a Food/Water item in Raft.


Researched at the Research Table. Combining Eggs, Clay, and Honeycombs, the player makes a healing mixture which can be rubbed on the body to heal five times 10% health. It takes a little moment to rub on the body, so the player should not attempt to use it at the last second. The healing effect happens in five ticks, one tick per second. This means that it takes a full 5 seconds for the player to gain the full effect of the Healing Salve.


  • While holding Good Healing Salve in their hand, the player may left-click to use it to heal.


Early Access
Update 11Good Healing Salve added to the game.
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