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Reason: The death from starvation time of 2 minutes and 13 seconds needs to be confirmed in-game. Natural health regeneration might make this time longer. -- Tolle44 (talk) 11:06, 9 March 2020 (UTC)

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Hunger is a mechanic in Raft. It is one of multiple threats to the player.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hunger is one of the mechanics in Raft that can result in player death. Over time, the Hunger gauge slowly depletes, causing the player to lose health points when it reaches zero. The gauge can be refilled by consuming Sustenance items. The speed of which the player feels hungry increases with harder Game Modes. The general rule for all Game Modes is that the player loses hunger at a rate of 0.09 per second. The different Game Modes are then affected by a multiplier. Peaceful and Easy Mode has a reduced Hunger lost per second rate at 60%. Normal Mode works at 100%, and Hard Mode at 130%. Following is a table of the amount of time it takes to empty a full Hunger bar on the different Game Modes:

Game Mode Time until empty
Peaceful/Easy 30 min 52 sec
Normal 18 min 31 sec
Hard 14 min 15 sec

When the Hunger bar is almost empty, the player is penalized with a slowed movement speed until they eat enough to get out of the threshold. If they do not manage to eat before the Hunger bar is completely empty, the player loses 0.75 health per second on Normal Mode, which means it takes 2 minutes and 13 seconds to die from full health. This time is increased for easier Game Modes and decreased for Hard Mode.

After eating, it takes 20 seconds for the player to digest the food.

Bonus Hunger[edit | edit source]

Eating dishes made from Recipes or a few select raw items adds a second value to the Hunger-meter. This value is known as Bonus Hunger and gives the player an extra buffer before needing to consume food again. The capacity of the Bonus Hunger bar is also 100, despite being visually represented to be shorter. This means that eating, for example, three dishes of Drumstick with Jam would max out the Bonus Hunger bar. The time decrease of a full Bonus Hunger bar is rated at 0.07 Bonus Hunger per second, which means it is depleted slower than the normal Hunger bar and is therefore more effective than the normal Hunger bar. Bonus Hunger is also affected by the Game Mode multipliers. See the table below for how long the Bonus Hunger bar lasts for each Game Mode:

Game Mode Time until empty
Peaceful/Easy 39 min 41 sec
Normal 23 min 49 sec
Hard 18 min 19 sec

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