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There are currently three pieces of Leather Armor in Raft.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Wearing armor while taking damage reduces the amount of damage taken. This does not apply to environmental damage like falling or drowning. The Helmet and Greaves have the same amount of protection (8% reduction), whereas the Body Armor gives slightly more (12% reduction).

Wearing a full set of armor will have a large impact on damage taken in the long run. Each piece of armor stacks with each other and can give a maximum of 28% damage reduction from enemies when all pieces are worn. If a Shark attacks the player on Easy Mode they will take 21 damage without armor. With all three pieces of armor, this damage is reduced to 15. Assuming the player stays in the water for long and take many bites in a row, they are able to survive six bites wearing armor, and only four without (not counting health regeneration).

Following is a sample chart of damage dealt without armor and the reduced damage wearing a full set of Leather Armor (Normal Mode). Additionally, the last column contains the amount of extra hits wearing armor would allow against a certain enemy:

Enemy No Armor Full Armor Set Extra Attacks
Screecher 35 dmg 25.2 dmg 1
Shark 30 dmg 21.6 dmg 1
Warthog 20 dmg 14.4 dmg 2
Lurker 15/10 dmg 10.8/7.2 dmg 3/4

It is clearly seen how the weaker the enemy's attack, the more effective the armor becomes at preventing death. This simply happens because the more the player is attacked while wearing armor, the more damage received is reduced. This, however, also means the armor will break faster.

If the player does not yet have access to large amounts of Wool and Leather to craft armor, it is most cost-effective to build the gear in the following order: Helmet > Greaves > Body Armor. This takes into account both the amount of materials used to make the gear, but also the damage reduction factor. While the Body Armor is better than both of the other pieces of gear, it only has a 5/10 added durability and a 4% points higher reduction value. As such, the doubled cost of the Leather Helmet is not worth it if materials are scarce.

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