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This meal did not turn out very well.
15 Seconds

Leftovers is a Sustenance item in Raft.


Leftovers are made when the player attempts to cook a combination of food items that does not match a Recipe in the Cooking Pot. Cooking a single Raw Beet or Potato also counts as an unsuccessful recipe, however since Leftovers yield +5 to Hunger and +10 to Bonus Hunger, the yield from a single Raw Potato or Beet is better in the Cooking Pot than being regularly cooked. As it only takes 15 seconds to cook, putting Raw Potatoes and Beets on the Cooking Pot is a good way of getting some quick food in a pinch.


  • Can be consumed to satiate Hunger and gain a temporary bonus to Hunger.


Early Access
Update 7Leftovers added to the game.
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