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Livestock are tameable Animals in Raft.


Using a Net Launcher, Livestock may be captured and tamed after which they start producing items for the player.


The following animals can be tamed as livestock:

Animal Description Provided item
Clucker.png Clucker Chicken-like creature Egg
Goat.png Goats An ordinary goat Bucket of Milk
Llama.png Llama An ordinary llama Wool

When livestock are tamed, they must be fed with grass from Grass Plots. A single Grass Plot takes 5 minutes to grow, and the animals eat from it every 8 minutes. As such, it's enough to have a single Grass Plot per animal, though it is recommended to have more as a buffer, in case the player forgets to water them. A Sprinkler can assist this process by automatically watering empty Grass Plots. Instead, the player must make sure that the Sprinkler never runs out of water or Battery.

If cared for, Cluckers lay Eggs, Goats can be Milked with a Bucket, and Llamas can be Sheared to get Wool. A lot of items and mechanics rely on animal produce, so having Livestock on the raft is a necessity to unlock late-game items.