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Anchors[edit | edit source]

  • Throwable Anchor - For anchor your Raft. Requires Plank X2, Rope X4, Stone X4
  • Stationary Anchor - For anchor permanently your Raft. Requires Plank X10, Rope X6, Metal Ingot X3, Hinge X1

Other Items[edit | edit source]

  • Receiver - For searching for Radio Towers. Requires Plank X8, Plastic X6, Circuit Board X2, Hinge X1
  • Antenna - For searching for Radio Towers. Requires Scrap X4, Circuit Board X1, Bolt X1
  • Sail - For direction. Requires Plank X10, Palm Leaf X20, Scrap X3
  • Streamer - For knowing which way is forward. Requires Plank X6, Rope X3, Nail X3
  • Steering Wheel - Allows you to rotate your raft. Requires Scrap x10, Metal Ingot x4, Rope x4, Bolt/Hinge x2
  • Engine - Allows you to go in different directions and increases your speed. Requires Metal Ingot x5, Rope x5, Circuit Board x1, Plank x20