The Radio Tower is a location in Raft.


The Radio Tower, also called the abandoned sea facility, is a location in Raft that can only be reached using a Receiver.

It is a large facility built upon a small barren Island.

The facility contains lootable Materials such as Scrap, Plastic, Glass, and Vine Goo, which do not require tools to gather. These Resources can also be found in large crates throughout the building. In the tower is a white board that reveals part of the game's story. There are multiple floors, including one that is underwater. Beneath the building, the player may find regular underwater Materials as with other Islands.

Finding the Tower

  • The first time a Receiver is turned on, the player is automatically given the first four-digit code on the Story journey.
  • A Sail is usually sufficient to reach the tower, as it is coded to spawn in the direction the raft is moving.


Early Access
Update 10Radio Tower reworked to be more messy and the first location of the First Chapter.
Update 1Radio Tower added to the game.
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