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Community portal

Need help, want something changed or want to debate about something? In the community portal, you will find exactly what you need!

For main wiki discussion, see talk page.

Useful pages[edit source]

Recent Wiki changes[edit source]

  • Wiki Rules were updated. Now, nobody is allowed to add content, which breaks Raft Eula or international copyright laws. -- September 16, 2020

Request comment[edit source]

Here, you can add question, and we will want to answer it.

Wanted pages[edit source]

Wikis are never finished, which means some content will be still missing. In case you'd like a certain page to be made and require help with this, please add to this list and then ending it with ~~~~~

Wiki Manager

MarkusRost talkcontribs

Community Administrators

Deltaflyer talkcontribs
Tolle44 talkcontribs
TreeIsLife talkcontribs