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Most recent update: December 24, 2020

Raft Wiki is an online source of information for the video game Raft and related subjects. The wiki can be edited by anyone and is governed through consensus among its users, based on argument-supported and civil collaboration. Raft Wiki has a set of rules all editors are expected to follow.


  1. Anything breaching Raft's EULA, Fandom's Terms of Use or international laws, including copyright infringing content, is not allowed on the Raft wiki.
  2. Do not vandalize the wiki.
  3. Be civil and assume good behavior. Do not harass, stalk, or insult anyone.
  4. Avoid misleading readers. Make sure your contributions to articles are true (referenceable) and in the nature of the topic. Do not add speculation, parody content, or hoaxes to articles.
  5. This wiki is an official wiki. Do not add links to fan communities or creations (only exception is in cited references).
  6. Do not link or embed external videos in articles unless there is no other way to demonstrate the phenomenon, or the video is official.
  7. Accounts with offensive, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate usernames will be blocked indefinitely.

Breaking rules

Non-registered users

IP users can be banned without a warning, after an edit, which breaks Rule #1, Rule #2, Rule #3, Rule #5 or Rule #6.

Registered users

Any misconduct will result in a warning, followed by a ban with the exception of Rule #7, which grounds for an immediate ban.


Thank you for following the rules.