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Redbeet Interactive is the developing team behind Raft.

About Redbeet Interactive[edit | edit source]

Redbeet Interactive is a small studio founded in 2017 and Raft is its first and current creation. It is based in Skövde, Sweden and consists of four graphics artists, two programmers, a community manager and an intern. The team originally consisted of only two graphics artists, André Bengtsson and Ellen Mellåker, and a programmer, Semih Parlayan, but with the increasing popularity of the game after release, they decided to expand the team.

André, Ellen, and Semih. Foto: Press.
Founders of Redbeet Interactive: André, Ellen, and Semih. Foto: Press.

The original team all attended the Game Design program at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, where Raft was conceived as a student project for the course Game Design in Practice (GDiP). The project was conceived as a response to the course's main goal: "Identifying a market need, prototyping a game to be tested by that market and examining the steps needed to launch a new business project"[1].

According to their website[2], the team works a 7-hour work day and offers wellness grants, as well as insurance and occupational pension to their employees. Their office has table tennis, a Switch and VR equipment for break activities.