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Raft Release Image.png

After more than a year in development, Raft is finally out on Steam! With a bunch of new features such as multiplayer, islands, abandoned rafts and much more we are excited to let you once again jump into the life of raft survival!

We’re incredibly happy to finally have the new version of the game out there again! Thanks to the amazing response we got on the prototype, we’ve been able to develop Raft into the game we envisioned from the start, and we can’t say how glad and humbled we are to have been given that opportunity. Therefore we want to give a huge shout out and the biggest thank you to everyone who played the game, gave us feedback, donated and motivated us during development. Your support has been amazing!

Even though the game is now out and miles better than the prototype in every aspect, development has not stopped. Raft will continue to grow during the Early Access. With the coming addition of more wildlife and equipment, more places to explore and more things to craft, we’ll continue to build on the foundation that we’ve just released. With the help of your feedback, we will strive to make this the best game we can possibly make.

With that said. We thoroughly hope you will enjoy Raft and we can’t wait to hear what you think about it!

Until next time,

Raft development team.