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Resources[edit | edit source]

Item Effect Required Materials
Rope.png Rope For crafting. 2x Palm Leaf.png
Bolt.png Bolt For crafting. 1x Metal Ingot.png
Wet Brick.png Wet Brick For making Dry Brick. 2x Clay.png , 2x Sand.png
Nail.png Nail For crafting. 2x Scrap.png to craft 3x Nail
Hinge.png Hinge For crafting. 1x Metal Ingot.png
Circuit Board.png Circuit Board For electrical machines. 1x Plastic.png , 2x Copper Ingot.png , 1x Vine Goo.png
Battery.png Battery For electrical machines. 1x Copper Ingot.png , 6x Plastic.png , 3x Scrap.png
Honey.png Honey Tastes yummy and can be used to create biofuel. 6x Honeycomb.png , 1x Glass.png