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Screechers are enemies in Raft. They are one of multiple threats to the player.

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Alongside Thirst, Oxygen, Hunger, and Sharks, Screechers are one of the mechanics in Raft that can result in player death. Screechers will attack the player whilst on the Large Islands, dealing the player via dropping stones on their head. When a Screecher is killed, its parts can be harvested by interacting with it. The screecher does not respawn when killed, and drops 4 Drumsticks, 12 Feathers and a Screecher Head.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • To kill the Screecher, you need a Spear or a Bow. It is recommended to use the bow. When the Screecher stops to pick up a boulder, use a spear to stab it, or shoot it with the bow. After several hits, depending on what you used to attack the Screecher, it will die.
  • Another good way to kill the Screecher is to wait for it to be coming at you with a rock and then shoot it. This can be made easier by getting up high on a mountain on the island where the Screecher is, making the Screecher have to fly up to you.

Avoiding the Screecher[edit | edit source]

  • Standing under any roof on your raft will help you avoid the rocks.
  • Hide in caves.
  • Running and jumping can help you avoid the boulders.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Screecher was originally going to be able to destroy parts of the raft with the boulders. It is unknown whether this is caused due to a bug or a deliberate addition to the game.
  • The Screecher’s design is based on the ossifrage or bearded vulture (the latter also known as a Lammergeier).
  • The Screecher is also known as the Stonebird.
  • In previous versions of Raft, the rock that the Screecher's drops can still damage you through one floor of your raft and thus would need two or more layers of floors or roofs to be safe from them. However, the latest version of Raft only requires a single floor or roof to protect you from the Screecher's rock.
  • The Screecher's mechanic was possibly derived from the method of Aeschylus's death, an ancient Greek playwright. According to legend, a tortoise was dropped by the Lammergeier (or Cinereous vulture; legend doesn't recall exactly which species did so) onto Aeschylus's head, killing him since the bearded vulture feeds on tortoises after dropping them from a great height onto rocks to crack their shell.

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