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Seagulls are flying enemies that can eat your crops and are also a source of Feathers.


Summary[edit | edit source]

Seagulls will land on your Crop Plots and begin pecking at your plants. They can be scared off if you approach them or throw your Hook at them. Seagulls will attack any Scarecrows on your raft instead of plants, which can be a good way to defend crops while you're away from your raft. Keep in mind that this will damage the scarecrow and eventually break it, requiring another one to be placed down. They also land on Bird Nests and after a while will leave, leaving behind 1-3 feathers in the nest.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Seagulls can be killed with a Spear/Bow when they're either on your scarecrow, on your crops or resting in a nest. The seagull will most of the time fly away when you attack, but after a few minutes will land again and you can finish it off. Doing this will grant you 6 feathers and 2 Drumsticks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Seagulls used to never flee when you shoot them with a bow, however they will now fly away if shot with any projectile.

Seagulls used to lay Eggs as well as feathers, before flying away from a nest. This was later removed as the Clucker is the new method for obtaining eggs.