Technical Solutions

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Technical Solutions

Summary[edit | edit source]

You will find solutions for common technical issues on this page.
If you did not buy the game yet, please verify the Raft System requirements.
You can use the tool provided by this page:

Starting a new or existing game will only show a black screen[edit | edit source]

This can have multiple causes. Please check the below points one by one to eliminate the issue.

  • Update the drivers of your Graphic Card.
  • Check for enough free space on the Disk the game is installed on.
  • Reduce the Graphic Settings to minimum.
Lowest Settings1.png
Lowest Settings2.png
  • If you join a Multiplayer Game, depending of the size of the Friends Raft, loading can take some time.

Wide-Screen issues with Raft[edit | edit source]

Currently Raft is having some issues with Wide-Screens (e.g. 2560x1080 resolutions).
For example the Menu Window is cut of on the bottom of the screen.

Character died in poison lake on Balboa Island[edit | edit source]

  • Even after reviving or reloading, the Character still instantly dies.
  • To solve this, the Game has to be completely closed and reopened.
  • If you are in a multiplayer Game, the host has to perform this action as well.

How to avoid Black Screen when inviting friends to your Raft[edit | edit source]

  • When you log in to your instance of Raft, have your friends wait until you have fully loaded in.
  • Opened your inventory and moved around a bit.
  • That way your Raft is fully loaded when they log in to join you on your adventure. Enjoy!