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Thirst is a mechanic in Raft. It is one of multiple threats to the player.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Alongside Hunger, Oxygen, and Sharks, Thirst is one of the mechanics in Raft that can result in player death. Over time, the Thirst gauge slowly depletes, causing death at zero. The gauge can be refilled by partaking in liquid Sustenance.

The Thirst gauge goes down faster than the Hunger gauge on normal and hard.

Tip: You should prioritize to replenish the Thirst gauge over the Hunger gauge on normal and hard, and on Easy thirst is on Plan B.

If you are hungry and thirsty, then your life will decrease. If you are thirsty, life will not increase, but remain at the same level until you drink fresh water or you are very thirsty (0%).

If you drink salt water, the water decreases by 15% and you will be more thirsty.

At start, your character has 100% thirst and 100% hunger. Likely the player ate and drank before being stuck on the raft, but is unknown.