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There are a variety of Tools available in Raft that allow for a variety of actions. These tools are vital to the survival of the player character.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Tools is the third section of the Crafting Menu

Item Description Required Materials
Building Hammer
Building Hammer.png Building Hammer Useful for expanding your raft. 4x Plank.png , 2x Rope.png
Plastic Hook.png Plastic Hook Use this amazing item to catch debris floating by in the ocean! 1x Plank.png , 2x Plastic.png
Scrap Hook.png Scrap Hook This is basically the same as the plastic hook but better. It's faster, more durable and can be thrown farther. 6x Scrap.png , 2x Rope.png , 4x Plank.png , 1x Bolt.png
Stone Axe.png Stone Axe Used for chopping down trees and removing raft parts. 6x Plank.png , 3x Stone.png , 2x Rope.png
Metal Axe.png Metal Axe A more durable and faster axe compared to its predecessor. 8x Plank.png , 2x Scrap.png , 4x Rope.png , 1x Bolt.png
Fishing Rods
Wooden Fishing Rod.png Wooden Fishing Rod Get some Fish! 6x Plank.png , 8x Rope.png
Metal Fishing Rod.png Metal Fishing Rod Sturdier and a bit more professional. 3x Scrap.png , 1x Bolt.png , 8x Rope.png
Shear.png Shear Cuts Wool extremely well. 1x Metal Ingot.png , 1x Hinge.png , 2x Scrap.png
Shovel.png Shovel Useful to obtain dirt. 1x Metal Ingot.png , 1x Bolt.png , 6x Plank.png
Binoculars.png Binoculars See farther! 2x Empty Bottle.png , 1x Bolt.png , 4x Glass.png , 4x Rope.png
Shark Bait
Shark Bait.png Shark Bait Keep the Shark busy! 2x Rope.png , ≤2x Raw Herring.png , ≤2x Raw Pomfret.png
Sweep Net
Sweep Net.png Sweep Net Useful for catching bugs. 15x Plank.png , 6x Rope.png , 2x Vine Goo.png , 1x Bolt.png
Firework.png Firework Can be painted when placed on the raft. 1x Explosive Powder.png , 5x Plank.png , 10x Plastic.png
Metal Detector
Metal Detector.png Metal Detector Helpful for finding precious metal. Bring a shovel! 12x Plastic.png , 6x Scrap.png , 1x Battery.png