Update 1.01/Annoucement

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V1.01 is an update for Raft released on May 25, 2018.


Hello Rafters!

First of all, thank you for an incredible launch! It has been amazing to see so many of you play the game and your feedback has simply been awesome!

We have got an update for you. We have added something many of you have been asking for and hopefully, it can add even more flare to your rafts! The ladder! It will allow for more compact ways to travel between different floors and it looks pretty sweet on a raft. We hope you find it useful!

The option to change where your frame rate is capped has been added. It can also be disabled altogether by setting the slider all the way to the right.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, a button has been added in the main menu which allows you to disable the sending of analytics data to the developers.


  • You can now bind a key to 'ESC'.


  • Playing in creative no longer counts towards achievement progress.
  • You can no longer "duplicate" water by drinking and watering plants at the same time.


  • Holding a throwable anchor while shark destroys the foundation it is placed on no longer breaks the game.
  • Removing bed while someone is laying in it no longer breaks the game.
  • You can now have the period '.' character in world names. (Fixes the issue with save files appearing lost)
  • Changing resolution is no longer reset when entering the settings menu.