Update 11/Annoucement

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Update 11 Header.png

Hope you all had a great holiday season and have been enjoying "The First Chapter".

Since we got back to the office we have been working on The Second Chapter but also on another patch: The Beehive Update! As suggested by many of you, we are adding beehives and everything else you will need to produce honey on your raft!

Have a look!


Make sure to surround these with some flowers and get ready to hear some buzzing on your raft!

Update 11 BeeHive.png


How to get the little stingy ones to your raft? Here is the catch! Well, literally, you will catch them with the brand new sweep net and get the new item "bee jar". Later on you can use these jars for crafting the beehives!

Update 11 SweepNet.png


We have also changed the way you get honey. You will now get the new item honeycomb from the beehive and use it to make some sweet sweet honey!

Update 11 BeeHiveHoney.png

Hope you enjoy the companionship of the little ones on your raft, habee rafting!

//Raft HQ


  • New Item: Beehive
  • New Item: Sweep Net
  • New Item: Bee Jar
  • New Item: Honeycomb
  • New Item: Good Healing Salve
  • Changed system to obtain honey
  • Bee Swarms on Balboa and Balboa-like islands

BUG FIXES Here are the bugs we have fixed in this update:

  • Holes on Balboa Island
  • 2 spots on big tropical islands where players got stuck
  • Biorefiner not accepting mango
  • Localization errors in Russian & Spanish, special letter problem in Polish & Norwegian and minor typos
  • A few underwater resources slightly above sea level not being lootable
  • Trophy Board not rotatable