Update 5

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Update 5
Official name
Update 5
Release date
July 26, 2018

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Update 5 is an update for Raft released on July 26, 2018.

New Building Blocks!

Update 5.png

We are introducing multiple new building blocks this patch - triangular half foundations, roof, floors as well as the ability to place all building blocks diagonally. You can now fulfill your dreams and build a true round light house, or make the awesome boat / house you have always wanted to build!

Screenshot 3.png Screenshot 4.png

Help Center and Saving

We have added a Help Center button to the main menu and in the pause menu. We have also added the ability to leave the game without saving - so if you encounter an issue, you can safely leave the game without having to worry about saving a corrupted world, etc! We have tons of articles that are updated regularly with information about issues and how to fix them, as well as common questions over at the help center. You can now also submit a ticket and report any bugs or issues you come across directly to us developers! The image below are two seperate merged screenshots.

Screenshot 5.png

Bruce the Shark

We all know that the dear shark is public enemy number one, even though he just wanna be your new best friend. We hear you, and have increased the respawn timer from 100 seconds to 180 seconds, so you get room to breathe (or dive) before he comes back to eat your raft hug you!

Quick Build and Paint!

We have added quick build and paint, so you will now have a much easier time building your awesome rafts without having to destroy your precious left click!

Show/Hide Videos

If you don't wanna have quick build on, you can turn this off in the settings:

Screenshot 6.png


  • Added Help Center Button to main menu and in-game.
  • Added "Save World" when exiting the game.
  • Added new triangular and diagonal blocks.
  • Added option to turn on/off QuickBuild.
  • Added option to hide or show Name Tags.
  • Added Quick Paint and Quick Build (for those who didn't know)
  • Added a load icon for the loading screen.


  • Increased shark respawn time from 100 to 180 seconds.


  • Fixed an inventory bug when crafting items which led to losing more items than the crafting cost.
  • Fixed a bug where the player can rotat the camera 360 degrees turning him/her upside down.
  • Fixed a bug where closing a storage "froze" the game and locked the player in position.


  • Update 5 succeeds Update 1.03 seemingly leaving out an update. There are two first version updates, Update 1.01b being an addition to the first update. As such, Update 5 is the fifth update.