Update 9.02

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Update 9.02
Official name
Update 9 Hotfix 2
Release date
February 13, 2019

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Update 9.02 is a hotfix update for Raft, released on February 13, 2019, which fixes many bugs and balance some things.



Bucket of Milk
  • Thirst getting from drinking it was increased


All Livestock animals
  • Increased time until an animal gets hungry after eating to 6 minutes from the previous 3 minutes
  • Increased the time when an animal is removed after its death to 5 minutes from its previous 2.5 minutes


  • Now always drops 1 Explosive Goo
    • Additional Explosive Goo can be dropped with chance of 33%
  • Health was reduced
  • Increased time to 10 minutes from the previous 8 minutes


  • Starve time, Hunger time and hunger gained when eating is balanced differently on each game mode


  • Screechers should not drop stones on players swimming a bit under the surface
  • Players should no longer take headshot damage from animals (especially the Screecher)
  • Removing placed objects with X while holding Shear, Bucket or Shovel should now work
  • You can now place roofs on foundations again