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There are a variety of Weapons and Weapon-like items available in Raft. They mostly give damage to hostile creatures but also to other players, if friendly-fire is activated.


Weapons is the fourth section of the Crafting Menu

Item Description Required Materials
Wooden Spear.png Wooden Spear A great device for poking things. 8x Plank.png , 3x Rope.png
Metal Spear.png Metal Spear An even greater device for poking things. 6x Plank.png , 2x Rope.png , 2x Metal Ingot.png , 1x Bolt.png
Machete.png Machete Sharp enough to cut through vegetation. 3x Scrap.png , 2x Rope.png , 2x Metal Ingot.png , 2x Bolt.png
Bow and Arrow
Basic Bow.png Basic Bow Shoots arrows roughly where you point it. 6x Plank.png , 4x Rope.png , 2x Vine Goo.png , 1x Bolt.png
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow An average wooden arrow, with a stone tip. 3x Plank.png , 3x Stone.png , 6x Plastic.png
Metal Arrow.png Metal Arrow Pointy, lightweight and well balanced. 3x Plank.png , 1x Metal Ingot.png , 6x Feather.png
Net Launcher
Net Launcher.png Net Launcher Aim at an animal to catch it. 2x Scrap.png , 4x Plastic.png , 1x Metal Ingot.png , 2x Bolt.png
Net Canister.png Net Canister Used together with the net launcher. 1x Explosive Powder.png , 4x Stone.png , 4x Rope.png
Item Description Required Materials
OP Weapon.png OP Weapon Cuts sushi like a boss. Not craftable